SUD ( “Solidarity”, “Unity” and “Democracy”) is :

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-  A trade union that gathers all categories of workers from National Education : workers with tenure or not in order to unify workers’ claims and act in a consistent way for everybody.
-  A trade union that does not cut workers from national education from the rest of the working world and that acts with “Solidaires” : composed of the other SUD trade unions (unemployment, councils, banks, post offices, rails, health workers,etc.)
-  A trade union that acts with the “less” : jobless, precarious workers, for women’s rights, against racism and fascism…
Sud Education was born after the social movement of December 1995. Its trade unions are now settled in nearly every regional authority ; each trade union has been gathered in a Federation at a national level since June 1998. This federation is composed of local trade unions each of them being autonomous in its actions.
The turn-over of mandates, the limitation of time paid by the trade union to its members to a maximum half-time, the removability of mandated members, its independence from political parties are basics of the way Sud Education works.
Decisions are taken in assemblies gathering its members, organized around once a month.
The trade union is everybody’s business.


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