An Emergency Case : Roland Veuillet

Press release from Sud Education
jeudi 15 février 2007
mis à jour vendredi 5 avril 2013

We have just been informed that our comrade Roland Veuillet is about to be commited in a psychiatric hospital. We denounce this way of action which is fit for a totalitarian and anti-democratic state. We also denounce the implementation of a so-called « mediation » by the Ministery of Education. We asked our comrades to join the mobilisation and to prevent this commitment. We only demand the lifting of the sanctions against Roland Veuillet

A brief reminder :

Roland Veuillet, a trade unionist in the French ‘Education nationale’ was heavily sanctioned for his active role in the 2003 strike. In particular he opposed the replacement of salaried strikers by students ‘au pair’.

After a meeting of a disciplinary council which appeared to be a parody of justice, our comrade was relocated without any notice from Nîmes to Lyon (about 300 km away). This severe sanction with awful personal consequences struck everybody’s mind after the movement of 2003.

Ever since, The ministry always denied him the right to return to his ‘department’ (county) of Gard.

Our comrade started on August the 30th a hunger strike as a last resort.

As a mediator was in charge of the case, Roland Veuillet has decided to suspend his action on October the 6 th.. But this mediator has in fact proved to be a « ministry proxy ». So this explain why Roland don’t want to hear anymore of a mediator.

IN 2005 the Conseil supérieur de la fonction publique (head council on civil service) has adviced the government to lift the sanctions as no evidence of professional misconduct could be found against Roland Veuillet. But the government has remained silent. After four years of struggle Roland Veuillet has started a new hunger strike on December the 24 th.

As the French government is using authoritative methods to break the resistance of Roland Veuillet it is important to demonstrate a broad international solidarity for Roland Veuillet so that the French government should accept to go back on its decision.

A simple message is enough :

Monsieur le ministre,
Nous vous demandons de lever les sanctions contre Roland Veuillet afin que cesse sa grève de la faim au lieu de le traiter comme un malade mental ce qui est indigne d’un pays démocratique.

Translation :

We ask you to lift the sanctions against Roland Veuillet so that he will stop his hunger strike, instead of considering him as mentally ill, what is unworthy of a democratic state.

A M. Le Ministre de l’Education Nationale
110, rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris

Please, send messages to the following adresses/ Envoyez le message par fax aux numéros suivants :
or better by fax : 00 33 1 55 60 07
Aussi/also : 00 33 1 55 21 74
Conseiller social du ministre, M. Roy : 00 33 1 55 07 84
Préfecture du Rhône (Lyon) : 0033 4 78 60 49 38

You can also have more information (in french) and links for more action at the following websites :









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